Ours Projects

There are many people around the world who need practical help in order to live a full and dignified life and there are many associations (more or less honest) who are dedicated to this. A drop for…  in the non-profit world choose Cambodia and, with perseverance and responsibility, took care of the two projects for over 10 years:

• The project Saat School offers to over 300 students aged between 6 and 22, the opportunity to attend free courses in English and informatics.

• The Iron Workshop project allows children not only to learn a profession but also a way of life suited to the economic and social development of the present situation in Cambodia.

This is most probably thanks to the honesty and professionalism of our volunteers and our leaders, both in Italy and in Cambodia, and thanks also to all our supporters.

As an association we do not operate, however, only in Cambodia but we also try to be helpful in our region with local projectsdesigned primarily to help the elderly, disabled and homeless.

There are numerous activities that, in addition to serving as a fundraiser, wish to convey a message of awareness and sensibility of the people around us, starting with our neighbour, and we would be happy to welcome anyone who wanted to join us in this regard.

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