Child Sponsorship


A Drop for the World determined to create a structure called Saat School to ensure that students could learn English and computer courses absolutely free and guided by a staff of teachers all Cambodian. Every day 300 adolescents and 60 children cross the gate of the school, walking or cycling, with books in hand eager to learn and confident of a better future. So much has been done in recent years, but much remains to be done to maintain the faith these people have in us.

The project has an annual cost of about € 30,000.00 and we need your help to support it, we need a helping hand.

Join the program
with only 5,00 € per month (€ 60.00 per year)
you can change the lives of hundreds of children in need.

The mode is very simple:

  • You can make a bank transfer for EUR 5.00 per month to our account BCC ROMAGNA EST IBAN: IT19X 08852 24200 030 010 054 866, stating the reason “UNITY IS STRENGTH”, entering your name, surname and address
  • or if you prefer you can pay your contribution of € 60.00 in a lump sum to the same bank account as above, or by postal order to our account number: c/c 1027703352 payable to UNA GOCCIA X IL MONDO ONLUS

Always specify the purpose of payment including your details (name, address) remembering to keep the receipt because each payment is deductible from your income.

“Education and training are the most powerful weapons you can use to change the world. “

Nelson Mandela