Company sponsorship


When strength and new found vigor is derived from moments of difficulty, entrepreneurs who share our values, will refuse to be beaten and drive on with determination to help the less fortunate.

You could invest in our project by using the brand of Una Goccia alongside your own and become a long-term partner, involving if you like, your staff, suppliers and costumers and by doing so, prove the value of your company to the persons involved.

Help us build a new future for the children and young Cambodians, contributing to their instruction and to the growth of their community.

Here are some examples of how you can help:

  • Free choice of sustainment: the company may make a contribution in support of the projects with monetary donation
  • Christmas gifts: At Christmas time the company could choose to use the budget allocated for Christmas gifts for a donation and to communicate this choice with greeting cards for employees, suppliers and customers
  • Fundraising events: the company can promote fundraising initiatives such as business dinners, auctions or sports activities

The payment can be made as in all other contributions directly to:

IBAN IT19X088 5224 2000 3001 0054866

Remember to specify the purpose of payment and the data of your company.

Together we can create and develop a customized project or a specific campaign for building concrete help for our kids and be able to convey the social commitment of your reality and your brand.