Event Organization

Get in the game for ourselves and for others!

We thought of a different way to raise money: ask people to organize something, to use their own mind and their own efforts to support those forces do not have … and no matter how much everyone will be able to donate money, was also 1 euro , will be worth a thousand times more because to do so will have involved other people and have shared a moment.

Then put in motion the imagination and organized: a dinner with friends, a game of football, beach tennis, bowling, a raffle, a trip, a competition in games, Trump and tresette, a concert, a movie, a show, a bike ride, a cake competition … well … anything you can think of!

Take it as a game and challenge yourself!

Quest Esono things that give meaning to our lives, to our existence … are the things that give meaning to being men and women of the world.

Thanks to those who have tried and those who will try!
For information: segreteria.goccia@gmail.com