Our Giftshop

Simplicity is the true Mother of Beauty

Certainly we are not a store and don’t even want to, but a very important way to sustain us would be to buy some of our small objects and gifts. All items are also available in our markets: you can find key rings, candle holders, bookmarks, pens, caps, wooden bottles and more!

In most cases the objects are produced by our volunteers or our children in Cambodia. To make a gift is always a beautiful thing to do but in this particular case gifts are 3-in-1:

  • for a birthday present
  • the kids of our center
  • for yourself!

Food baskets for Christmas, Gifts as a good deed, Gifts for charity.

A good deed for Christmas could be to order a Christmas Basket packed with food to suit your taste and delight the people you want to please.

In this way you will be helping us to sustain the Sat School. Where young Cambodians can study english and informatics.