Become a Volunteer Member

A volunteer is a healthy carrier of altruism!

Forms of volunteering are many: the poor of the so (trivially) said third world, to families in need, to facilities for the handicapped, to mental health centers, to immigrants, the marginalized, the children, sometimes , towards our neighbor!

03.06.Diventa-volontario_4128x2322Volunteer, however, as well as helping others, it helps above all ourselves. There is always a small form of selfishness in doing so: feels good our soul, calms down a bit ‘that sense of moral guilt that we unconsciously to those who are worse off than us, makes us feel sincere protagonists – with or without – and It gives us the wonderful gift of gratuity.

Volunteering is a wonderful thing that we all should approach because it is true that volunteering makes people better, especially against themselves.

If you want to participate actively in the development of our projects, local and international, fill out the application form and send it by e-mail to or by mail by writing to A drop to the non-profit world – via Rodella 68-47923 Rimini.