Our Story

The beginnings of a new creation are always exciting, the very first thought, the first word, such are the causes of the birth of an enthusiastic tangle of ideas. It’s there, there already, beginning to move and make itself felt.

So in 2002 “A drop for the world” association was formed in order to accomplish the aim of a group of friends dedicated to volunteering. We heard the cry, the cry of the world, of the children …. and chose to listen.

These are the values that formed our inspiration and continue to inspire us:

▪ solidarity in society as in human relations and economic processes

▪ peace, based on justice and respect for the diversity of peoples and cultures

▪ outreach volunteering, to transform the world around us

We started with various local projects,such as activities/entertainment in the auspices for the elderly or disabled and trying to get closer to helping the homeless on the streets of our city.

In 2003, during this journey of devotion to social support, we met with Rome Continents Project and decided to back a project for an orphanage, the Sanghkeun Center in Siem Reap in Cambodia, created for the recovery of abandoned children.

In 2004 Sergio Cenci – a founding member – went to Sanghkeum to see the children’s center and learn more about the Cambodian people. During this trip, Sergio wrote a diary-book entitled “Chiocciola punto a capo” and the following year he returned to Cambodia to start the House of Crafts project, with the aim of providing an opportunity for poor children to find employment other than working in the fields.

The iron workshop is designed to train young Cambodians the craft of welding, to guarantee a trade and a chance to build a future. The staff of teachers is strictly Cambodian. During this year the group of friends of the “Drop” was formed in every respect as an association, the status drafted and the first board of directors formed.

In 2005, the drop formed its first official home, our “home”, in the outskirts of Rimini and surrounded by a beautiful park where members and volunteers have the opportunity to come together and organize events, meetings and parties. The seat is of course open to all who want to spend part of their time and their hearts to those less fortunate, helping us to carry out our projects. In May 2005 the association was officially registered as a NGO.

From 2010 the iron laboratory, is able to sustain itself and generate profits that are immediately reinvested in a new project: the Saat School and as soon as the first building was completed and inaugurated, the first course of lessons began.

Siem Reap is in fact the main tourist attraction in Cambodia but is also one of the poorest provinces of the country. In addition to tourism, the city offers few other opportunities of employment so the knowledge of English and use of computer are prerequisites for getting a job and a decent wage. Since the Cambodian school system does not provide these subjects and students from the poorest families can not afford to attend private schools, the association aimed to start free courses of English and computer/ICT, in a place next to the iron laboratory, in order to convey to street children concepts and skills essential for their future.

October 2013 saw the completion of the first Saat School classrooms and in december of the same year entrance tests were held for the formation of courses officially commencing in January 2014 with the first 230 pupils.

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