Why a Drop

Every step of our lives is driven by a passion, a duty, a responsibility, curiosity or courage to pursue dreams. Today it is hard to believe in dreams, but in our opinion, dreams can still be fulfilled! TO BE HERE is hope in itself, and a better world is possible! It depends on each one of us. Together we can achieve it through persistence, perseverance, support each other through rules related to human ideals, through an open door to the world or to our neighbor, without presuming to be perfect but simply men and women who fight against blind indifference to the rights of which we have been deprived, trying to make it as simple as possible, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not, but continuing to try!

Many are still wondering whether, after all that happens in the world,  e still believe in dreams … well … the answer is YES. We still believe. We believe that every person can make a place in history, and that each and every one of us can take steps leading away from this sense of abandon to the emptiness which fills the place where we stand. We continue to believe in what we are doing, and it won’t be either the economic crisis or state power to stop us because we move in simple every day gesture, gradually improving our own state of being besides that of the people around us. We believe that the future does not mean us to curl up in our houses and in our hearts, but to go back into the streets where life awaits us to experience it’s beauty. We will never lose touch of this feeling which is why we chose to be “drops” in the sea of humanity.

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