Who we are


More than ten years ago, together, seated around a table – eating bread, cheese, salami and of course accompanied by a good wine – we began to chat and daydream, dreams which led us to think of building something out of the ordinary. So we started making plans, hardly realizing then that we would unbelievably achieve something of what we were hoping for. We chose to help the children of Cambodia! And in doing so, by aiming to bring some hope into those unfortunate lives, we also enriched our own as well as those of whom we receive support.

Out of all the countries desperately in need of help we chose Cambodia and have started a project which will provide an opportunity for the poorest children to learn a trade in our Iron Workshop, or to study in our Saat School enabling them to work toward a decent lifestyle by eventually obtaining a job and maintaining themselves and their families. Thanks to the honesty and professionalism of our volunteers and leaders both in Italy and Cambodia we are able to continue with this project with constancy and dedication.

In 2013 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the association, and today we find ourselves still here, together, following the same dream which seemed so far out of reach… our desire was to create some kind of opportunity for people who are desperately in need.

Obviously we do not operate only in Cambodia but we also try to be helpful in our region with local projects and initiatives aimed at gathering people together to feel a sense of unity and fellowship. So it is to this aim that we would be more than happy to welcome anyone who wishes to join us. Ours is a voluntary organization, active and enterprising in organizing various types of events such as, for example, “entertainment in the Auspices for elderly people”.

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