Why drop

Each step of our lives may be driven by some sort of passion, duty, responsibility, curiosity or courage in order to pursue our ideals ...

Donation 5×1000

Scegli di donare il 5 per mille alla nostra associazione di beneficenza. Sostenendo i nostri progetti puoi donare un sorriso a bambini della Cambogia e agli anziani della città di Rimini! Inserisci nella tua dichiarazione il codice fiscale: 91093350402.

The Union makes the strength

Join us in the campaign "Union is strength" activating your donation! With only 5,00 € per month you can give a smile and change a life!

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To become a member of " A drop for the world " is probably the best favour you can do for yourself! It’s all very simple but at the same time very real and fundamental . A general partner is a key point for us and a form of moral and material support .

For companies

A company becomes special when it strives to achieve creative value. We suggest you team your brand with “A drop for the world” Onlus (a non profit organization) ,and by doing so you would become our partner and hopefully help to support our projects !


(Italiano) Torna l'appuntamento con il burraco solidale a favore dei progetti della nostra associazione. Vi aspettiamo domenica 29 gennaio al ristorante La Prua di Rimini!

Saat School project

Saat School Project in Cambodia offers to more than 300 children aged between 6 and 22 years of age the opportunity of a better future.

Senior animation

Our volunteers come in rest homes for the elderly with a guitar and a smile ...


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Organize an events

Join in the game to benefit yourself and others ! We think of different ways to raise money by asking people to organize something of their own initiative, using their own ideas and their own efforts to support those forces who do not have the ..

Saat School in Cambogia

Siem Reap is the main tourist destination of Cambodia but it is also one of the poorest provinces of the country, with 51.8% of the population living in extreme poverty.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is a wonderful thing that we all should approach because it is true that volunteering helps people to raise their moral and feel good. It entails active participation in the development of our projects , local and international.

Iron workshop

The Iron Workshop was founded in 2004 with the initial name of the House of crafts. Initially, the project was intended to convey to young Cambodian art of working iron and wood, but in 2010 it was decided to focus the project