Why drop

Every step of our lives is driven by a passion, a duty, a responsibility, curiosity or courage to pursue dreams ...

5 x 1000

Scegli di devolvere il 5x1000 a sostegno della nostra Saat School in Cambogia! Inserisci nella tua dichiarazione il codice fiscale: 91093350402.

The Union makes the strength

Join us in the campaign "The Union makes the strength" activating your donation! With only 5,00 € per month you can give a smile and change a life!

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The membership in " A drop in the world " is the best gift that you can get ! It ' a simple and at the same time very real and fundamental . A general partner is a key point for us and a form of moral and material support .

For companies

A company is special when it helps to dream ! Supports your brand to that of a drop for the non-profit world , it becomes our partner and support our projects !

Festa Medievale Solidale

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Organize an events

Get in the game for ourselves and for others ! We thought of a different way to raise money : ask people to organize something , to use their own mind and their own efforts to support those forces do not have the ...

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is a wonderful thing that we all should approach because it is true that volunteering makes people better , especially against themselves . Participates actively in the development of our projects , local and international.